O&O DiskImage Review

Review Summary

O&O DiskImage is an excellent, fully functional data backup utility for all of your file protection needs. The program allows users to archive the documents on their computer for safe keeping in the event of a hardware or user error related disaster. The program also offers several more advanced features that allow users to secure those backups in a variety of different ways.




The main strength of O&O DiskImage rests with its ability to not just back up the important documents on your computer, but to do so in a secure and protected way. Users can protect file archives with either a password or an advanced credential certification system. Any users who do not have the appropriate credentials will be unable to access the files contained within the archives. Credential certification also allows users to dictate specific people who can have access to the files. While many other data backup programs offer password protection, few go the extra mile by offering credential certification and other advanced encryption options.


O&O DiskImage does lack a few features that are found in other data backup products. For starters, the program does not feature support for multicast deployment. Multicast deployment allows users to use the same backup copy to recover files to several computers at the same time. Users with more than one computer in the same household or office will miss this feature.

Additionally, O&O DiskImage does not support script creation. Script creation allows users to customize the programming of the application to recover your files in a much quicker way. Though a lack of script creation will only be a problem for more advanced computer users, those advanced users will

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Review Details


The most important benefit O&O DiskImage offers to users is the ability to secure the files they’re backing up. The data on a computer’s hard drive could be compromised for a variety of different reasons. A virus could wreak havoc on the drive itself, deleting and corrupting files along the way. Likewise, a drive could fail due to hardware issues related to its age. With backup copies and backup disk images created by O&O DiskImage, restoring that information back to a working system is as easy as clicking a few specific buttons in the main program interface.

Users can choose to create a disk image of a hard drive, or clone that hard drive to another storage device. When the original hard drive fails (taking the information contained on the drive along with it), those clones or disk images can then be used to restore the missing documents. Even if you choose to create a disk image of an entire drive, O&O DiskImage allows you to mount that image and restore individual files. If you accidentally overwrite the latest version of a file, for example, you can restore an older version of just that one file from a backup disk image created with the program.


If O&O DiskImage is lacking in any key area, it’s the variety of different boot disk hardware devices that it supports. Though the program allows you to create boot disks using CD-ROM and DVD optical media, it does not include support for things like USB flash drives, drives connected to your computer via Firewire cables or even network attached storage. If you need to use O&O DiskImage to boot a computer that has failed in order to recover your documents, you’ll need that computer to also have a working optical drive. Other programs allow you to create boot disks using USB flash drives and other types of devices.


User Friendliness:

O&O DiskImage is a program that is incredibly user friendly and easy to use. Even computer novices will be able to work their way through the program’s interface to properly configure things like scheduled backups, disk image creation and the restoration process.

Tech Support:

Tech support for O&O DiskImage is offered through a variety of outlets. The official website features a detailed user guide for the program’s many aspects. E-mail and telephone support are also available for registered users. Additionally, the site includes helpful “How To” articles and a “frequently asked questions” session to help users with more common problems.

Product Updates:

Updates for O&O DiskImage are downloaded directly through the main program interface using the handy “Update” feature. Updates can also be obtained through the “Download” section on the official product website.

Backup File Verirification:

One of the best features of O&O DiskImage is that data is consistently and accurately verified during the backup process. The verification process helps make sure that all the data that is being backed up matches the original copies of those files exactly, which also helps prevent data loss and other issues down the road.

Burn to Backups to CDs and DVDs:

Another great O&O DiskImage feature is that users can burn backup files to CDs or DVDs for physical storage. Some users just feel more comfortable backing up their important documents to an optical disk rather than another hard disk drive that is just as vulnerable as the one inside their computer. For those users, burning your backup disk images and files to CDs or DVDs can be accomplished very easily through the main program interface.

File Encryption:

The encryption capabilities offered by O&O DiskImage are a definite plus. You always want to make sure that the backup copies of your important documents are as secure as possible. O&O DiskImage allows users to secure their data in three distinct ways – though the use of a password, through a complex credential verification system or through regular data encryption.

Virtual Disk Tool:

The program’s built-in virtual disk tool makes recovering your files an absolute breeze. Once mounted, a disk image file will appear in Windows Explorer as if it were a regular hard drive attached to your computer.


Home computer users and small business owners will definitely benefit from the various backup capabilities offered by O&O DiskImage. Licenses for the program can be purchased in one computer or three computer packages depending on your preferences. Users will definitely want to schedule automatic backups soon after the program’s installation, which allow O&O DiskImage to do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to archiving your data. Users will also want to make use of the advanced encryption data to make sure that no unauthorized individuals have access to your important information.