EaseUS Todo Backup Review

EaseUs Todo Backup


  • Disk and partition backup
  • Full, incremental and differential backup
  • Disk clone capability
  • Flexible Data Backup Scheduling
  • Included Email backup
  • Backing up to Tape Drive ftp server and numerous storage devices
  • 15 Days FREE trial



  • No phone and online chat support option

*** (30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!)

EaseUs Todo Backup Review


EaseUs Todo data backup software allows you to safely backup and store all the data on your computer, as an image file - on any media storage device you specify or FTP Server - for easy recovery when you need it.

With the choice of either a full system backup, selected disk/partition backup as well as files and folders backup, EaseUs Todo helps you secure your most valuable data from accidental deletion or loss due to hard disk failure, fire, virus infection, or pc theft.

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Review Details

Clean User Interface with Clearly Laid Out Navigation Tabs:

Upon launching EaseUs Todo  data backup software after installation, you will be greeted with a clean user interface with the main tabs and sub-tabs clearly arranged at the top and the left hand side of the screen.

Some of the core functionalities of the backup tool can be accessed from the home menu tab - Including backup, recovery, clone and available tools and utilities.

Full System Backup:

Configuring your first full system backup is easy using EaseUs Todo data backup software. The backup tool allows you to fully backup your entire system - including operating system as well as files and folders to a variety of storage devices.

A full system backup is critically important for a full system recovery from any disaster scenarios - such as hard drive failure or computer theft etc.

Full system backup is initiated from the home screen by selecting the backup sub-tab and then system backup. The backup software automatically selects the system and boot partitions to backup and then guides you through the process of selecting a backup destination and the choice of either a scheduled or immediate backup.

Disk/Partition Backup:

As well as a full system backup, EaseUs Todo  also lets you backup any disk or partition of your choice. Similarly, this operation can be executed from the home screen by selecting the disk/partition from the backup sub-tab.

You can also choose the option to perform a sector by sector backup of your chosen disk/partition.

 All data is compressed and saved as image file to minimise required storage space for all your backups.

Individual File and Folder Backup Support:

If you have the need to regularly backup individual files and folders, the tool lets you view and select as many files and folders as you wish from a displayed directory tree on the file backup screen display.

An added ability to specify backup files and folders by type (e.g. music, picture, video, document etc), make makes managing backups less complicated and easy.

Microsoft Outlook Mail Backup Support:

EaseUs Todo enables you to backup all data from your Microsoft Outlook. The feature gives you the ability to export and store, on your chosen device, all entries on the calendar, contact manager, task manager, notes, journal etc.


Automatic Data Backup Scheduling:

EaseUs Todo offers users the flexibility of scheduling regular backups in addition to a manually initiated backup operation.

With 5 scheduler options to choose from - you have the option of a scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, event based or time specific backup execution.

Event based backups can be scheduled to execute at such times like when you first start-up your system or before system shutdown.

A scheduled automatic backup makes it less likely to miss a backup operation that may happen if you only manually perform backups on your own.

Backup File Compression:

EaseUS Todo Backup can also compress backup files to save hard drive space without damaging the actual files themselves.

Depending on how much space you would like to save and how much time you have on your hands, you are able to choose between normal, medium or the highest level of file compression for any of your image backups.

You can also opt NOT to compress any of your backups if storage space is not a problem.

All backups can be password protected if you choose to do so.

Full, Incremental and Differential Backup Modes Support:

The backup program allows users to create an appropriate backup plan that incorporates any combinations of full, incremental and differential backup modes.

Depending on your file size, the frequency of modifications to files, and size of your storage location - you can choose either to perform full backups all the time, full backup plus incremental backups or full backup plus differential backups.

A full system backup all the time backup plan - as described earlier creates and stores an image of your entire system any time you decide to perform a backup operation.

A full plus incremental backup plan allows you to perform full backups at specified intervals as well as intermittent smaller backups of changes detected since the last backup operation (which may have been either full or incremental backup).

Full backup plus differential backup plan lets you create full backups as well as changes identified since the last full backup operation.

Easy Data Loss Recovery Options:

Image backups created using EaseUs Todo can easily be restored in the event of data loss due to hard drive failure, virus infection or any computer disaster,

The tool clearly displays - on the recovery tab screen, all your active backups. To recover individual files, folders, full system or partition backup simply make a selection, specify a location and click proceed to restore your chosen data.

Disk Cloner:

An included disk cloning tool in EaseUs Todo allows you to create an exact duplicate of any hard disk or partition you specify. When you clone a disk using this tool, all data is transferred from the source to the destination disk - including your operating system and installed programs.

Disk cloning can be particularly useful when you need to replace an existing smaller hard disk with another that is bigger.

System Snapshots Support:

The tool comes with the ability to create snapshots of an entire system and store in a protected section of your hard drive. Snapshot typically require less space than a full backup which makes restoration faster but should not be relied on for long term data protection.

Bootable Disk Creator:

A bootable disk builder accessible from within the tools section of EaseUs Todo allows you to create a rescue disk for use in times when your computer refuse to boot-up.

Creating a bootable media requires any of the following: a blank CD or DVD-R/RW, a USB flash disk or USB external hard disk.

Technical Support Options:

EaseUs Todo maintains a comprehensive support page with links to product documentation, definitive user guides, FAQs as well as a knowledge base.

Support is also available via email in addition to an online feedback form.


No Phone and Chat Support Options:

Not something many users might have any need for - but significant enough to mention in this EaseUs Todo review. No phone or online chat support offered on the official site.

Bottom Line:

Easy to setup and use plus flexible backup and recovery options makes EaseUs Todo Backup Software an ideal solution for individuals and small businesses looking for a suitable data protection and disaster recovery solution.


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